How To Add Kerb Appeal In Cambridge

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2022

There is no doubt that Cambridge and the surrounding areas are at the centre of a vibrant property market. The picturesque streets, the University buildings, close proximity to London, pretty neighbouring villages and the growing tech sector make Cambridge a desirable place to settle.

With all that in mind, you may think no effort is required to sell your Cambridge property. It is true that houses in Cambridge are in demand and on many occasions are currently selling for way over the asking price, but that doesn’t mean you should put down the paintbrush and do away with the DIY.

Kerb appeal can be a crucial factor in increasing the value of your Cambridge home. But what is kerb appeal and what can you do to ensure your house is the King of the Kerb? Read on to find out….

What Does Kerb Appeal Mean?

In short, kerb appeal means how aesthetically pleasing your house is from the outside. Of course, it is always nice to have a handsome home (and Cambridge has an abundance of them), but it is particularly important when you are looking to sell. First impressions can be key and maximising your kerb appeal can ensure potential suitors are itching to get inside your property to take a closer look – and potentially make an offer!

Front Garden Kerb Appeal

The front garden is a key focal point of the home and is crucial when it comes to kerb appeal, so it is important to spruce up those shrubs and make sure your flowers are flourishing. Hanging baskets and potted plants on your porch or near the front door immediately conjure up a warm, homely feel. Weeds can be unsightly as well as potentially damaging, while dead heads can ruin a flower bed, so be pro-active with your pruning!

Lighting the front garden correctly, particularly in winter, can add a huge amount of panache. String lights and spotlights are both good options, and if you are worried about your electricity bill, fear not – you can opt for a solar powered range.

Add Kerb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

Adding kerb appeal does not have to be a drain on your bank account – there are many low maintenance kerb appeal hacks that don’t cost the earth. For the cost of a tin of paint, you can transform your front door, while a thorough clean of any patio or porch areas can make a positive difference.  Fixing any broken fencing and finishing off with a bit of varnish will instantly improve the aesthetics of your boundary lines, while a shiny new doorbell or house number can also work wonders!

Storage Can Improve Kerb Appeal!

The front of your house may have all of the features to adorn the cover of a glossy magazine, but if clutter creeps in, it can ruin the effect completely. A neat, wooden storage area does not have to break the bank, but it has the potential to add a touch of class as well as solving the clutter crisis. Make your storage spot large enough to house your bins – they really are an eye sore, so hiding them away is a must!

Does Your Cambridge Property Have Kerb Appeal?

If you are interested in increasing kerb appeal to sell your Cambridge home, you're going to want to sell your property with a local estate agent you can trust.

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