Why You Should Declutter Your Home When Selling

Posted on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

There is no doubt that readying your house in preparation to sell it can be an arduous task. Keeping it tidy comes top of the stress list for many.

It is important to remember that clutter can leave a seriously negative impression when prospective buyers view your property, and it can also make your moving process more difficult and time consuming. The problem is, decluttering is often viewed as a boring task and is shoved down the priority list, when in reality it can be a cathartic experience.

So, are there any top tips for how to declutter your home? Over to Director here at Hockeys Estate Agents Cambridge, Jeremy Trott.

Why You Should Declutter Your House

From an estate agent’s point of view there are plenty of mistakes to avoid when selling your home, and holding viewings when your house is a mess is top of the list.

Prospective buyers want to picture a home that they can eventually make their own, they want to visualise themselves living in it which is very difficult to do when someone else’s possessions are in full view. If your potential buyers are put off by clutter, you may receive offers lower than the valuation price.

The other thing to bear in mind when you come to declutter is the benefits when you actually move house. Decluttering for a house move means less to pack, less stress and a quicker and more efficient moving day - and of course, fewer things to unpack when you arrive at your new home.

Declutter Room By Room

Instead of viewing it as one mammoth task and focusing on how to declutter your whole house, think about how to declutter your home room by room instead. Break the process down so it doesn’t seem as daunting.

Start with a room checklist and create a keep, giveaway and throw away pile so there is structure to the decluttering process. It is also useful to have in mind all the perks of what you are doing, and a giveaway pile can highlight that others will benefit from your decluttering!

Be Ruthless With Your Decluttering

The decluttering process will always throw up challenges, and a major one is setting aside sentiment. How do you declutter kids’ toys knowing you might be saying goodbye to a once prized possession? Or giveaway that painting that once had pride of place above the fireplace but more recently has been gathering dust?

The fact is, that to declutter effectively, you have to make some tough decisions on what stays and what goes. Remember, there is a purpose to the process and the hard work will be worth it when you come to sell and move!

Your Next Step for Selling Your Home

Once you've made those tough decisions and invested the time to declutter your home and get it looking its best, you're going to want to sell your property with a local estate agent you can trust.

Hockeys are a leading estate agent in Cambridge and can help sell your property if you are based in the Cambridgeshire area. Request a Cambridge property valuation today from one of our experts to take the first step toward a successful sale!