Sugar Free Sweet Treats

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Going Sugar Free doesn’t have to be as hard as you think and the benefits can be mind-blowing. From ridding migraines, improving skin, ramping up your libido, getting the best night’s sleep - there are so many reasons it can help you. Here, Christianne Wolf, award-winning best-selling author of The Body Rescue Plan series shares her recipe for delicious Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies and a few tips to persuade you to make the switch to no-sugar cooking!

1. Improves skin tone

I always notice that my clients´ skin improves before anything else after a quick sugar detox - their eyes are brighter, and they glow. This is because your liver doesn’t have to work so hard at eliminating toxins from the body.  Sugar, caffeine, drugs and alcohol all age your skin and dehydrate it - causing sagging, wrinkles and greyness. 

2. Quitting Sugar helps reduce cravings

A quick sugar detox really helps kick start a good habit. There are many reasons we can crave sugar, caffeine, carbs and alcohol, but the biggest reasons we crave them are the foods themselves - as they are VERY addictive. Quitting the habit just after a few days stops the cycle of physically and mentally needing them. It's a great habit to get the family into before sugary cravings become part of life. 

3.  Lose weight more easily

Your body becomes more efficient when you make it less acidic, and sometimes when you are in the stress, carby, exhausted cycle it's impossible to get off that hamster wheel. Breaking the cycle with a quick sugar detox means you can start to shift those pounds, not just while you are on the detox but afterwards as well.

4. You are happier

If you start the day with sugary, acidic drinks that suck the life out of you, it won't be long before you need more of that fake fuel later, which then rids you of nutrients. When you do a quick sugar detox your sleep improves, your moods improve and your energy improves.

5. Reduces bloating

When you are in a stress cycle of eating and sleeping badly your tummy will probably be big, swollen and often in cramps. That then results in you not absorbing nutrients very well at all, even if you are having the minimal few. Flooding your cells with shots of nutrients in a glass over a few days could mean that wheat belly is a thing of the past.

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Sweet potato chocolate brownies


1 sweet potato

1 handful of sesame seeds 120g

of ground almonds 60g of buckwheat flour

7 dates

2 tbsp raw cacao

2 tbsp agave nectar

1 pinch of salt


Preparation method

Put oven on at 180 °C.

Peel and cut the sweet potatoes and cook till they are soft (steam or bake). Add the dates and sweet potato to a blender for a yummy mix.

Now add an-=0- blend all the other ingredients together in with the mix in a bowl.

Place in a baking dish and cook for 20 mins. When you take it out make sure you leave it for at least 10 mins. to cool down or it may fall apart!